Knee Cap

Specially designed to relieve knee pain by providing consistent compression.Stabilizes the knee joint by relieving excess pressure on patella.Knee cap not only releasing the knee pain but also helps you to regain mobility in most comfortable way.

Ankle Immobiliser

Ankle Immobiliser provides increased immobilisation and stability to the ankle joint for speedy recovery.Ankle is the region where foot and leg meets.Being one of the over used joint.It is at risk of injuries like ligament tear ,strain and sprain which most commonly result for twisting,stretching and slipping.

Arm Sling

Wearing an arm sling keep your arm against your body and prevents unnecessary movement of arm during healing process.Bone and ligament injuries of forearm and wrist,forearm fracture and post plaster cast usually require the usage of an arm sling as means of protecting the injured area and allowing early healing of the tissue.Wearing an arm sling keeps your arm against your body and prevents unnecessary movements of your arm during the healing process.

Wrist Support

wrist support can be used to help,support and stabilise the wrist whilst also providing pain relief and reduction in swelling.
Pain in the wrist can began as a mild discomfort and then slowly worsen.Among the many reasons of the wrist pain one can be repeated patterns of the activity which overtime may cause undue strain on the wrist.Wrist support can used to help support and stabilise the wrist whilst also providing relief or reduction in swelling.By providing copmpression around the wrist joint it increase the stability of the wrist,gives support and helps in maintaining a neutral support.